Based on the 3 tracks we have seen, our team was inspired to work more on the Saturn track. We wanted to innovate a digital solution that would help the environment. Based on what we have researched, we saw that food waste is one of the big reasons that hurt our ecosystem.

What it does

An app that saves restaurants food waste and enables lower-income groups to explore food options.

How I built it

We have utilized React Native, Firebase, and Google Maps API.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge we ran into was doing this project completely remotely so it was more difficult to brainstorm a solution and communicate.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

As a team, we are very proud of how far we were able to take this project given the limited time.

What I learned

We learned that it is possible to bring an idea to creation within 2 days.

What's next for Plateful

  • Increase our development focus on the backend infrastructure
  • Look into connecting various APIs to further improve the app
  • Look for potential partnerships with restaurants
  • Look for potential partnerships with charities or non-profit organizations to expand our influences
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