2.5 billion tons of food is squandered annually worldwide. Shockingly, this contributes to over 10% of greenhouse gas emissions, as recently reported by a PLOS publication. Even more appalling is the $2.6 trillion dollars in economic, social and resources lost each year, in the U.S. alone. Meanwhile, countless families suffer from hunger while valuable food goes to waste. According to the United Nations, over 828 million people are currently impacted by global hunger, and the aftermath of COVID has only exacerbated this crisis. I was inspired to work on this project because of food waste's tremendously negative impact on society, and I want to work to reverse its impact.

What it does

Plate2Planet revolutionizes the fight against food waste by harnessing the power of data, FVM, and Spheron. Our platform combines a dynamic food waste marketplace with a cutting-edge data DAO. Users are incentivized through more engagement in the marketplace. Through these tools, users can actively reduce food waste by purchasing surplus food from local stores while also contributing valuable data to improve accessibility and understanding of food waste.

How we built it

Plate2Planet was built using a combination of NextJS and Hardhat projects. FVM was leveraged by deploying the two main smart contracts to Hyperspace. Finally, we deployed the entire project on Spheron.

Challenges we ran into

Using new libraries and compiling everything

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

I never used Spheron before this hackathon. It was cool to use a new tool that could be a good replacement for Vercel, and also some frontend libraries that I'm not used to. This helped me to grow in my frontend skills because I work primarily with backend technologies.

What's next for Plate2Planet

The possibilities are endless for Plate2Planet- I'm open to whatever comes next. I'm eager to explore various avenues to see how the project can grow. One exciting prospect is seeking funding from esteemed programs like the United Nations Youth Assembly, as well as partnering with other NGO outlets. I've done previous programs with them, and their grant programs for innovation or their partners could be a good source of funding. This would enable me to align Plate2Planet with the U.N. development goals, amplifying our impact on a global scale. Additionally, I'm considering collaborating with local grocers, understanding their unique needs, and tailoring Plate2Planet to enhance their bottom line while reducing food waste.

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