• Did you know that this straw could be made from not just paper, but also coconut leaf, papaya seeds and the stem from wheat crops?
  • Did you know that the plastic bag could be made by prawn shells instead?
  • Did you know a 14-year old 9th grade student in America has found that styrofoam, which is typically seen to be unrecyclable, can be turned into activated carbon which can then be used in water filters?
  • Some of you may have known these cool things. Some of you may not. But ALL of you will leave this room today and forget it.
  • All of us have scrolled through Twitter, or LinkedIn, or Facebook, and probably at least once a week on average, seen some young inventor or another, some cool company or another, come up with some cool plastic-free solution or another. Then, meh. Blah. We forget about it.
  • Really think about it. Doesn’t it make you angry that there’s no central point that breathes life into this solution, to carry them through from research to usage at mass scale?

What it does

  • Introducing PlastiScene. We don’t claim to be the solution that will save the world. But we do claim to be a platform on which ALL of these solutions can congregate. Everyday people like you and me can be educated and inspired from these solutions that come out almost every day. The inventors behind these solutions can get the crowdfunding, social awareness and exposure they deserve. Which in turns gives huge organisations, such as VC Funds, Mega-Corporations interested in Social Responsibility and maintaining good PR, and ultimately hopefully local, national and supranational governmental organisations the pressure and direction they need to seriously consider not just ONE of these solutions as THE solution for the planet, but ALL of these solutions together, as a force with a united front.

How we built it

Our team used React and Gatsby to build the platform, as well as D3 for data visualisation. Obviously this is a minimal viable product (MVP) so is just the bare bones. For example there would be login capabilities. At the moment, you can add existing solutions on how to replace, recycle or dispose of plastic, as well as browse inputted solutions. There is also form validation for email inputs (and if the name has already been submitted), and the data is stored even after refreshing the page.

Challenges we ran into

Trying to get everyone set up (we ran into npm version problems) Trying to figure out what idea to go forward with Wireframing and designs

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to learn a new framework in a short amount of time, and implement it successfully We were able to all work together well despite not working together beforehand

What we learned

Gatsby framework Working together as a team Brainstorming ideas

What's next for PlastiScene

Clean up the code Contact the relevant organisations - introduce them to the platform to post

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