Plastic is so valuable asset, it can also be so harmful if we don't use them wisely. Collecting and sorting plastics is the first step in recycling, so many wastes is due to inappropriate sorting and mixing. Australia is facing a recycling crisis as China and many counties that stopped importing mixed recyclable waste.

What it does

NoPlus is committed to reducing the amount of plastic currently going to landfill. We support the community's household, local organisations such as hospital, farms, restaurants' recycling efforts by designing Smart bin and sorting out the different types of plastic material. We introduce the "Plastic currency", our user can purchase sustainable products using the plastic that they collected.

How we built it

We will first develop a platform (application/website) that connects all stakeholders allow them to recycle and sell. We also Introduce and implement smart Dustbin that detects plastic and non-plastic automatically. The user just needs to select the button plastic or other waste. We will launch a campaign that projects each month to motivate people to collect certain types of plastic.

Challenges we ran into

Bring awareness to connect people through all means of communication, platforms to bring change in their minds by attracting and motivating with the smart dustbin.

Plastic has different types which make it hard to sort and recycle. Based on the value, environmental impact, and technology feasibility. We select and launch a project that targets a certain type of plastic each month on the platform.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Put forward challenge of smart dustbin awareness. Connecting people through all means (offline and online). Building a platform connecting all stakeholders to reduce plastic usage and plastic landfill. Creating jobs in recycling businesses locally.

What we learned

Though there are few implementations to reduce plastic from state/country it is not effective, that is clearly seen from recent news, where china banned Australia recycle plastic.

What's next for Plastic Free Tasmania

After implementing smart bins, the platform that connects different stakeholders and raising the awareness of people in Tasmania. We gradually replace all single-use plastic to sustainable substitute and create THE FIRST single-use plastic-free state in Australia.

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