Problem: COVID-19 Patients who have recovered are potential plasma donors for future COVID-19 positive patients. However, due to lack of awareness and fear of infection, recovered patients are not willing donors. Also, many times patients may have recovered using home remedies and may not have been seen by a healthcare provider (this is particularly true for elderly patients, non-while minority patients, and also in many countries outside the US). Thus, they are not part of any current new registries of donors that are being created within the US healthcare system. Additionally, the availability of plasma donors and the demand for plasma may be in different geographic areas with no common database to be able to search from.

Technical background:

  • MERN Stack
  • AWS and Google APIs

Currently the only FDA approved investigational treatment is Convalescent Plasma. We have developed a Global app that will connect the COVID-19 recovered patients with the demand for plasma. I worked on the Concept and Business Case. Minh worked on the Technical aspect and built the demo platform.

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