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"25K TPS on the Ethereum blockchain with a cost of 0.1 cents per Tx" right on your mobile device!

The project was built to show how easy you can use Plasma advantages on any mobile Dapp Now you can use the great AlphaWallet with opportunities provided by The Matter Plasma

Plasma on mobile devices can have the most social impact connecting unbanked part of society with financial solutions outside of the traditional banking. What is even more important it makes micropayments available for daily purchases, such as coffee, bus ticket, etc, without a burden of high transaction cost. It's even possible to build the social network like Peepeth on it. It solves all Peepeth problems with the cost and time of the transactions, creating a social network that Bevan, the creator of the Peepeth, would like to see. Also, it's possible to create an event ticketing system based on some wallet and Plasma implementation. Altogether, it helps cryptocurrencies to gain widespread adoption beyond of pure speculation and trading.

That's how it can popularize Ethereum Blockchain.

What it does

Allows you to use the features of Plasma from AlphaWallet (an example of how to do this in any iOS Ethereum wallet):

  • getting a list of UTXOs for an account (MoreVP under the hood)
  • sending transactions in Plasma (both sending to another account, and merging your UTXOs on current account)
  • make a deposit - currently works just by sending ether to Plasma Contract Address

How we built it

More BUIDL - less sleep! Written on top with the web3swift library app in XCode

Challenges we ran into

12 hours to get into the beautiful but rather complicated project with many dependencies. Thanks to the AlphaWallet team for collaboration!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Plasma interaction works in the right way in the end. :tada:

What we learned:

  • The way how to implement Plasma Services on any iOS DApp
  • Some tremendous architectural ideas from AlphaWallet

What's next for Plasma Ticket System

Add more Plasma interactions: UX additions:

  • Deposit to Plasma inconvenient way (just tapping "Deposit" button and entering valid ether amount)
  • Exit from Plasma (make "exit" action on the one of yours UTXOs)

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