COVID-19 has been on a rampage all across the globe since the past 5 months. From less than a million cases in February, and currently having more than 10 million cases across the globe. The good news is that doctors across the globe have been able to recover more than 5 million COVID patients, with a loss of less than half a million souls. These patients can help improve the recovery rate by donating their plasma. With a vaccine still a long way away, plasma therapy has been developed as an experimental cure for COVID. Plasma therapy has been helping a lot of families recover their loved ones from COVID. But since there are very few plasma donors currently, a lot of people who can be saved using this therapy are not getting the required treatment. The situation itself is a great inspiration to those willing to lend their helping hand in this difficult times.

What it does

The Plasma Bank is a small step towards solving the problem of finding eligible donors in a situation where time is of great essence. We sincerely hope you or your loved ones never have to go through this ordeal. But if you do, then we aspire to be able to help you by connecting you with volunteer donors.

Also, the project helps in tracking all the essential amenities that one would need on a regular basis equipped with a ranking algorithm that puts special emphasis on the situation and it's also equipped with a interactive dashboard which adjusts according to user's real-time location.

How we built it

We have used multiple API(s) throughout the project, which in combination with realtime Google Cloud's Firebase gives the user a flawless experience during the pandemic. We have combined multiple API(s) with geolocation services (Google Cloud Map API + Here Maps API) and realtime notification applications (PushBot) to provide extra flexibility to the user. Also, the project is equipped with an AI based bot - Assistant Sigma, made using IBM Watson.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Issues connecting to the internet
  2. API failure
  3. Lack of time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. AI based bot - Assistant Sigma
  2. Real-time Forms and Database + their sub-connections
  3. Interactive Dashboard
  4. Amenities Tracking

What we learned

Learnt a lot about APIs and Google Cloud services. Also, managed to brush our AI and web development skills.

What's next for Plasma Bank

We are planning to expand the project with hospital management and bed handling system, which would track real-time bed data of hospitals and their efficiency with services at any point of time.

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