How cool would it be to have a dApp that helps you create plans with friends and family, manage the plan: including discovery of experiences, planning, RSVP and payments ? Many people struggle with planning things with other people, the more people - the more complicated the process gets. Getting everyone on the same page, time and place is not easy. Moreover, paying for experiences is another set of complex problems that many groups face on a daily basis.

What it does

planzApp allows you to make smart plans with friends and family seamlessly using smart contracts on the Internet Computer.

How we built it

Our mobile dapp is built using flutter and connected using Agent_dart. We used Motoko for the backend and we wrote code for a Web interface using reactjs

Challenges we ran into

  • Connecting our Flutter code with our Motoko backend using Agent_dart.
  • Our use-case/scope was a bit broad and we were unable to complete some of the goals that we set for this hackathon.
  • We changed direction a couple of times to reduce scope
  • Learning curve for some team member

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to solidify the user experiences that we want our future users to have and the value that we can add to our users by building on the Internet computer.

What we learned

We learned a lot about the Internet computer:

  • How to deploy on the IC
  • Identity, Tokens and Governance and Cycles
  • Motoko, Canisters, ICP ledger
    Most importantly we learned a lot about the Internet Computer's Community and why the IC is the best blockchain for us to continue building on.

What's next for planzApp

One of our success metrics is payments on the Internet Computer. Payments on the IC are still evolving and we are excited and will continue to build and refine our dApp and add some of the features that we want users to experience. We are part of the community and looking forward to learn and help build out solutions for payments and Marketplaces on the Internet Computer.

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