Inspiration 💧

In my home, there are lots of flower pots. I used to give them water daily the problem is I give them water according to my fluke .so this leads to the water wastage. To stop this I made this project and it helped me alot.

What it does 🏡

we have to just turn on the switch , and boom it starts working. It will stop whenever it'll find a flowerpot then the arm of the robot will check the moisture in the soil according to that value ,it'll start giving water.

How we built it 🛠

we have used wooden blocks and a programmable microcontroller board called arduino. some major or minor electronics parts and some skills. And the project is ready.

Challenges we ran into ⛰

The major problem we have faced is accuracy , we have to make that robot which can work accurately means stopping , amount of water , every thing. but we have done it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 😁

we are proud of this project as it helps to save water and also increase the life span of a plant.

What we learned 📖

we have learned many things like using of some sensors , microcontroller ,need of technology in today's world etc.

What's next for Plants watering robot 👆

I wants to add a image recognition system also for this project so that it can recognise the plant community and according to that give water

Best Domain from Godaddy 💪

Our submission for best domain is
we Have some problem while registering the domain so it was not successful.

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