A year ago, I remember I was searching for an app that would help me control my overuse of my phone. And then I found this app called Forest. It helped me stay focused on my work and study as well as helped me stay away from my phone. Apart from this, I discovered that there was this pro version available on the app; whenever the user spends virtual coins on the app, the team plant real trees! A few months later, I discovered two more cool projects; a search engine called Ecosia that plants trees for user searches and treepedia that measures the canopy cover in cities.
So after discussing a lot on these projects, me and my teammate came up with an idea to create a web app, a way to communicate the importance of environmental responsibility to people of all ages and involve them in taking positive actions.

What it does

Through our Web App, each time you plant a tree, You will have the option to label yourself to that tree in our foundation. We will discover zones which need greenery through continuous satellite information, and urge individuals to plant trees, which then they can share to web-based media stages. Additionally, you would also be able to mark the spots available for planting and let the nearby users know that they could plant there. We would likewise Implement blockchain so a client's personality can't be changed and their Eco impression will remain until the end of time.

We accept through our application, individuals won't just fix the terrible contamination rates through planting, however, will likewise turn out to be more natural amicable, needing to ensure the earth.

Additionally, for a further developed element we can give a time-frame to an individual like 44 days and we can say - your plantation is under audit period; keeping in mind that he/she is planting. The individual can label his/her scope and longitude of that place, and after certain sum measure of time when the real-time information of satellites update, we can have a check with some model that identifies the tree (it would be all around prepared model of ml) - and as we recognize this, we can give them their digital id.

How we built it

The project is being made with a front-end which deals with the New User/Guest visit part which allows them to take tour of website and know the every significance of the project. The user panel of website comes after login which has been developed as a admin-panel kind dashboard which shows users the stats, maps, resources, progress, awards, other people planting activities and much more. It has been developed in html/css/js purely and the database used is firebase which is real-time database and serves real-time updates of every user on dashboard.

The APIs that will be used to serve map data of predicted areas are open APIs provided by open data.

We would be using algorithms with continuous forest monitoring, in mapping trees in areas, making it distinctively evident to see the stark differences in greenery between the areas as a whole. Also we would be adding image processing in detecting the status of the tress and implementing blockchain to maintain the eco footprint.

Challenges we ran into

● We did not know how to use firebase properly. It took us some time to connect our project to the firebase.
● Making a homogeneous navigation bar for all the pages, posed a challenge to us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

● A functioning website.
● Properly working back-end.

What we learned

● We discovered creative and great projects on our journey.
● From a technical perspective, we learned to work with firebase and javascript. We also learned more advanced styling methods in CSS.

What's next for PlantoGram

● Connecting our app with satellite APIs and labelling every tree.
● Bringing up collaborating organizations so that they can give some benefits to users who have some Eco digital identity.
● Expanding our idea; we can integrate and collaborate our project with organizations like forest, treepedia and similar organizations in order spread the word of reforestation and in a sort create a ripple effect among the mass.

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