Worried about no one takes care of your plants when you are on vacation? Always forget about watering your plants? Not Sure how much of water your plants need?

What it does

Here is the automatic plant watering system. It's a design that automatically watering your plant and an interface interacts with users. It can self-detect low humidity as well as high temperature so that the plant can be watered according to the water level of the plants.

How we built it

We use MXChip as the microcontroller. The on-board temperature and humidity sensors are used to detect the humidity of the plant. Meanwhile, the data, through Azure IoTHub, is sent to the cosmos database. From the database, a front-end interface built by typeScript handles the user interaction.

Challenges we ran into

We met challenges when we are trying to set up the front end as well as the communication between the micro-controller and the cosmos database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We successfully made the board display the correct temperature and humidity data. We also manage to send the message to users by using twilio api.

What we learned

Implement a project is made of many of the small steps. It requires teamwork, team coloration, and consistently coding and communication with teammates.

What's next for PlantObserver

Add voltage detect sensor

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