Paying tribute to our fallen foliage!

Planting Ahead will track the environmental factors of your houseplants and notify you when they need care.

Using a Twillio narrowband micro-controller with a temperature and humidity sensor attachment, we log data on the surrounding environment of the plant. This data is then broadcast to Twillio and pushed to a Firebase endpoint that logs the data. The end user's device will periodically check for updates on the database.

Our first development concept was met with failure. There was difficulty integrating Azure CosmosDB with flask, so we decided to utilize Firebase instead as our database solution. The first micro-controller was faulty and took a lot of our time. Working with hardware was difficult because of our unfamiliarity with the device, but the Twilio documentation was helpful.

We were proud of accomplishing successful data uploads from the controller to the Twillio Dashboard. Additionally, we were excited to build and implement an Android app.

Things break and they break easily sometimes. Integration is hard. Sometimes everything breaks at once and it helps to start from square one. We learned that the hard way!

There are numerous opportunities for future development. We would like to integrate a soil moisture sensor, which we did not have the correct cables for at hand. We also plan on integrating more features on the app to allow users more specificity in the environmental factors they input. Future features could include seasonal growing plans, optimal crop suggestions based on seasonal and geographic factors, and commercial expansion to the agriculture industry.

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