We started our garden with no idea what to do, and we had to do lots of research. This gave us the idea to create Plantera to make it easier for beginners so that we could help encourage more people to create their own home gardens.

What it does

Our app helps users organize their plants by separating their gardens and keeping track of which plant is in which garden. It also can classify and identity plants based on their picture using machine learning.

How we built it

We used Flutter as our main framework, Android Studio for our IDE, Spring Boot for the REST API, and Tensorflow for AI.

Challenges we ran into

REST API was not responding from the Flutter app. The machine learning model was too small.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a functional machine learning app and functional REST API, as well as making a polished and good-looking app.

What we learned

This is the first time we have used Flutter for a major project, so we learned a lot about Flutter. This is also the first time we used Tensorflow for mobile, and the first major project with AI in general. This is also the first time we made a REST API.

What's next for Planterna

We can make AI based recommendations on which plants to use.

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