Time-management is the biggest problem for every student- there's so much to do and so little time, and sometimes we just wish that someone else could prioritize our tasks for us! This is where PLANTastic 🌱 comes in. PLANTastic employs an algorithm to assign each of your tasks a rank so that you can prioritize easily. It also comes equipped with database interaction so you can add and view tasks.

This project is meaningful to us because as students we often feel overwhelmed with assignments and unsure of how to manage our time. We strongly believe that effective time management and organization are crucial to academic success- we feel that many students, including ourselves, would benefit from such an app.

One challenge we faced was how to go about developing the ranking algorithm. After much experimentation, we decided on and developed the one displayed in the screenshot below. Another obstacle was overcoming limitations with our platform. Unlike other development platforms, MIT App Inventor is not versatile. For instance, we faced difficulty in generating a sorting mechanism because of the lack of builtin methods. However, we were able to develop a rudimentary sorting algorithm that suited our needs.

In the future, we'd like to employ a ML or decision tree algorithm to generate the ranking to enable more flexibility. We'd also like to implement a rewards system using plant badges for accomplishments (such as accomplishing a certain number of tasks or maintaining a streak for a certain number of days) to motivate users. We’d also love to make this application compatible with IOS devices as well.

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