What is the problem?

As of now, our understanding of plants is limited. When compared to our understanding of facial recognition or speech-to-text, we don't have the fraction of that data. Every single day, cloud computers analyze inputs and outputs to optimize these systems, but can we say the same about the way we grow food?

Right now, farmers use whatever means necessary to grow. This has resulted in the proliferation of genetic modification, nitrogen-rich additives and bee-killing pesticides, most of which we are only now realizing the impact of - none of this is quite sustainable for a growing population of 7 billion! What will the future of 2050 look like if we know more about recognizing our faces than how we eat? Perhaps like Mad Max or Terminator.

TCi has a different vision for tomorrow. We believe an open-sourced database of plant data is the future of food and we believe that we can use this data to be more sustainable and even solve world hunger.


By developing a learned system for measuring the inputs and outputs of plants, we can bring food growing to the 21st century. We use the latest technology to determine what inputs result in the greatest output and then empower consumers with the tools to monitor and grow their own food.

What is plant.app?

plant.app is the simple solution for a growing need. Through live notifications, plant.app provides consumers relevant data about their plant including health status reports and best times for harvest. It also enables control of the growth platform, turning on a light if need be, raising or lowering the temperature, adding more water.

What is our real goal? Grow your plant the best way possible, based on the most optimized information available. We aim to revolutionize the way food is grown by first understanding what makes it grow best and empower the consumer to grow it themselves.

Einstein once said, give me an hr to solve a problem and I'll spend 55 minutes understanding. We believe at TCi the solution to world hunger, sustainable farming, even health care is rooted in our food, and we aim to understand what makes our plants the best!

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