The fails of the other P2E (cryptokitty, axie infinity...) and the fact that we really love the technology behind NFT but we never saw real world value generation with NFTs beside Marketing or NFTs as Access Tokens. What we saw was useless, environmentally harmful NFTs from scammy developers and rugpulled communities... to stop that we created last year an Art Project to shred those NFTs (, read the story of my life if you have too much time) and plant a real tree instead, but the idea to make our planet greener was not enough for the users, we had to find new incentives, we found it with this concept: Plant2Earn

What it does

Our project is a proof of concept of a framework which allows to create X2Earn projects with long term sustainable real world value generation platforms.

How we built it

We created a concept for tokenomics that really works, the money stays in two liquidity pools, one for the game and one for the real world investment. In our show case, we implemented a Gardning simulation, where you mint a seed of a plant as an NFT and you have to water it and care for it - the clue is that we use the investment for the NFT from the user and plant a real tree somewhere with our partners; and when the user plays the game well, and takes care of the digital NFT plant, he will get rewarded with real fruits or money. Zaniyar Jahany worked already on such a project (InnoSuisse funded by the swiss government) where most of the middlemen between consumer and fruit farmer were eliminated and the consumer in Switzerland could order fresh fruits directly from the farmers from Afrika. We used the Polygon Blockchain because of the low fees.

Challenges we ran into

Since we know that a lot of NFTs are hosted on centralized servers, we wanted to implement our visualisations of the trees directly on the blockchain, this was not easy, but we created svg trees directly on the chain. After the MVP was done, we tried to implement generative 3D webgl Trees directly on the blockchain, which was not easy; the most difficult challenges will be the next ones: create a game which is really fun, which users use because of entertainment and if they even can earn some vitamins or real money, why not, right? For that we need some funding.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The TOKENOMICS! It works! We did a lot of simulation with 1000s of users. The concept doesn't need to have continuously new paying users so that the system doesn't collabs. It really works, since we use the collected money from the micro transactions (eg. watering) and NFT mints for safe real world investments that makes the player happy and tree planters. We are also proud of the beautiful landing page with the shift to the web3 (somehow immersive 3d Web.. first steps at least right? :))

What we learned

Programming with webgl to create 3D elements for the Web, deploying on Polygon, thinking about tokenomics and how it really can be stable for a long time.

What's next for Plant2Earn

We want to find partner farmers (for example in Burkina Faso, or even smart Urban Gardning in Containers) or even get funding so that we can have our own test farm. But we want to grow some Trees! That's for sure!

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