LA residents have so many great options for water-safe plants, and our app hopes to connect users and their communities in open-sourcing local plantlife and water conservation tactics.

How it works

An Angelena takes a picture of a plant in her garden. This picture is uploaded to the server and run through the Just Visual Api to return possible plant matches. If a correct match is identified, the user has the option to include it in Her Garden, view recommendations on possible water-safe alternatives (based on data from Low Water Use Plants), and provide Geocoding and descriptive data to the app service about where this plant is found and its prime characteristics. In 2.0 users will be able to view the top water-safe plants in their zip code, and map data about which plants are found where.


This is a .NET application utilizing WebApi 2.2, continuously deployed in Azure off our GitHub Repo. Visit us here:

Who We Are

We're graduates (and some of us recent graduates) of the Sabio.LA bootcamp coding program. Learn more here:

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