Plants! And their proper care.

What it does

A short game that allows users to interact with the web screen, watering their plants and otherwise taking care of them.

How I built it

With JQuery, CSS, and HTML5.

Challenges I ran into

When we first started coding the project, we thought we could do it in Java using swing. This proved very optimistic, and also rather outdated. After talking to mentors, we switched to using HTML, CSS, and JQuery (which we had no experience with...)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have a working program that does everything we wanted it to do at the beginning of the design process. Also very proud of teammate Zoe Zandbergen for her artistic contributions (she drew all the assets for our game.) We are also proud of building the entire game from something we knew nothing about at the beginning.

What I learned

JQuery, HTML, and CSS! And how they play with each other. Also that Java's graphics are very outdated, and that there are much better ways to work with graphics and windows.

What's next for Plant Simulator 3000

More plants, more interaction, rounded rectangles. Difficulty levels?

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