Taking inspiration from the Iron Ox autonomous farm and it’s high yield agriculture, we want make a cheap solution that can be scaled and varied to the user’s necessities.

What it does

Plant Nanny is a comprehensive monitoring system for individual plants. Whether its a household plant or crop on a farm, our system tracks the plant's vitals and determines the when to water to save cost. It also provides a time lapse in order to show the plant's growth.

How we built it

Using an Arduino UNO, multiple sensors, and software, we were able to create the project described in this document. The sensors cover a wide range of functionality that we believe are necessary for a light weight monitor. We had to determine transformation functions based on the sensor's output in order to obtain realistic values. We also set up a Postgres database using cloud SQL to store our data and provide our mobile application with the real time values we read.

Challenges we ran into

-Opening and reading over a serial port reliably -Setting up the cloud database -Setting classpaths on windows -Shorting out sensors -The learning curve associated with android studio

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The cloud database, transformation functions, reading data in from the arduino and uploading to the cloud, our mobile application.

What we learned

As a whole, we learned a lot about the integration of software and hardware. We learned a lot about using multiple sensors at a time, and we learned how to develop a mobile application using android studio.

What's next for Plant Nanny

Further refine the hardware (better sensors, PCBs, other actuators for watering plants, etc.). Clean up the mobile application and develop for IOS. Can function within large scale greenhouses to control when roofs should open or closed. More large scale use for farms and other community spaces.

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