This Idea is built from a thought that always makes us think, how are the changing atmospheric conditions going to support plant growth. With the advanced technology as present in these day's, there are so much fewer things that we can do in the closed environment.Plant monitor is the solution for making things.

What it does

It uses the soil moisture sensor placed in the same soil in which the plant is grown and gives out the results like temperature around the plant, the level of moisture in the soil, the amount of sunlight required for a plant to be grown in a closed environment. This is an application where the sensor sends out signals whenever there is any kind of abnormality. It suggests the ideal temperature based on the average taken from past days.

How I built it

Most of the code for this project was written in by using C# , JSON and XML. This plant monitor was built using Raspberry Pi 2, breadboard and temperature sensor. I have used online services like Microsoft Visual studio and Microsoft Windows IoT. We have to install this software and can run through an external device connected to a similar network. Soil collected from the local place was taken into a cup for testing out the sensor and it's working.

Challenges I ran into

Debugging the whole code, adjusting the wires and soldering them to the sensor, downloading and applying Windows IoT to raspberry and difficulties with live time result accuracy.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Successfully completed a small project using IoT, writing and debugging the code, getting end results for the deployment.

What I learned

We learned how to use Raspberry pi for windows IoT, how little details in coding can kill time, what it takes to get the result at the end of the project. Working as a part of team and leading in some aspects while allowing advice from other team members also.

What's next for Plant Monitor.

Plant monitoring system is not only used for keeping trees alive. This sensor can be used to create a whole set of mini gardens in closed environments where small babies and old persons can sit and feel the fresh air not worrying about pollution. If a mini nursery was created in a hospital it can be pleasant for the patients suffering and can give them a moment of relaxation.This plant monitor application can be used for many purposes as it has many uses. This is not a complete project and would like to explore how IoT can be used to make things better and beautiful.

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