Commercial farming is wreaking havoc on the environment. The soil is depleted of nutrients, ecosystems and habitats are destroyed, pesticides pollute the air and water, grocery stores toss unbought produce, and climate change is becoming more destructive and unpredictable. Despite the overproduction of crops those living in food deserts, who are often low income, have little to no access to fresh affordable produce. By teaching everyone how to grow their own organic garden we can close the gap. Not everyone has access or time to seek out proper education about agriculture and growing a home garden. Like most topics that we seek to know more about we turn to technology. Our lives have become digital and more connected so why not do the same with agriculture? This is where the Plant IT device comes in. The Plant IT will be placed in the potential growing ground for a week. Within that week it will take the temperature, humidity, amount of sunlight, and soil moisture. From the data collected, it will generate a report about which crop would thrive best in those growing conditions and how to correct any problems. After the crop has been selected the devices will be left in the ground and will provide a daily update about conditions and even an estimated harvest timeline. For future versions, overall data can be used to map trends in weather, geographical geological data, and bring communities together. While this device won’t solve every problem presented it moves us closer to a greener more sustainable future.

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