Oxygen has never been such a necessity to thousands of people than during these last few months due to COVID. With trees being the 2nd largest source of the oxygen, we wanted to do something to keep our planet green forever more.

What it does is a community driven web application which allows people to get together and help our environment. With COVID restrictions being slowly lifted in the next few months, this app is meant to encourage people to meet up and do something good for the future of our communities. This app allows people to create a "Planting Party", this can be joined by other people in the area who want to help in the endeavor. Joining in on these parties or creating one when you find a piece of land that could use a bit more green rewards you with points. These points would be able to be used to redeem gift cards from various sponsors of our program.

How we built it is a dynamic react web app which utilizes and builds upon the Material-UI design guidelines. The backend of this web app utilizes Express (Node.js), MongoDB, and Azure Blob Storage. These systems working together allow us to provide a seamless experience for the end user.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into many challenges during this 24-hr hackathon. These include creating and implementing various backend systems from different providers and making sure all systems worked correctly. This was specifically difficult when uploading the various data we need to provide our tree density estimations based on the geo-tracked position of the user.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A major accomplishment that we're proud of is the fact that all of our components worked well together and made for a good user experience. In tandem with good use of material's UI and following optimal UI consistency, we made the app be accessible on mobile smoothly.

What we learned

Since this was our first completely react application in addition to implementing many other services into our application. This involved utilizing majour react fundamentals in transporting information between components and traversing the user between pages. This is in addition to working with a backend for authentication and storage of important information.

What's next for

Next for would be to join up with various sponsors to further promote the message of planting more trees to reduce the environmental impact that modern factories are producing. These sponsors would allow for larger prizes acting as an incentive for users to want to plant more trees. This is in addition to adding more features and optimizing the UI when given more time.

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