We all are passionate about hiking, camping, and our national parks. We wanted a way to make hiking and visiting national parks to be a little more fun and informative.

What it does

The bot will stream all the tweets with the #IndentifyThisPlant. The bot then downloads the media in the tweets, identifies the plants in the image, and replies to the original tweet with what plants it is. There are also endpoints that link with a react app that will provide analytics of how the bot is used. There is also a database for all this information on firebase.

How we built it

We used python, react, and firebase. We all preprogrammed on discord through voice calls.

Challenges we ran into

Overall we had challenges with working online. It was harder peer program, stay motivated, and stay in contact at times.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We had never used the twitter API or plantID API and we created something really cool. We all thought that this was a really fun project.

What we learned

We got some new experience with python and some front end experience with react.

What's next for Plant Guru

We would like to add more functionality to the website and talk to some organizations about how they could see us implementing this for them.

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