Plant Growth Simulator


We were inspired by what we had learned in our computer science course at school and by environmental science to create this.

How we built it and what it does

At first, we had some basic pseudocode and then got into a voice call where we coded different elements of it in Snap!. Afterwards, we combined it and tried to debug while someone screen shared. We chose it because all of us are really familiar with the language and it is easy to implement visuals. The player can input a water amount and let the RNG generation of the weather illustrate a tree growing a tiny bit, along with its leaves.

Challenges we ran into

  1. The weather would not change and the RNG was bad.
  2. The leaves would spawn clones and they would grow exponentially, which broke the program.
  3. Trunk size would not change because the parameter of time was not being considered.

Accomplishments that we're proud of and takeaways

  • With the limited knowledge we have of programming, we are proud of finishing this project with the expectations we had.
  • It is difficult to find a balance between something technically challenging, but also simple enough to the point where it can be manageable. We spent a lot longer on some aspects of it than we intended to and spent most of the time fixing the program.

What's next for Plant Growth Simulator

When we partake in something similar to this again, we hope to build something more practical like an app or program.

Built With

  • snap!
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