We took inspiration from popular productivity apps like Forest and Toggle Track, as well as games where the objective is to farm and collect items. We wanted to combine the satisfaction and relaxation that this type of gaming brings to many, with the tools to help students stay on top of their studies!

What it does

Our project is a productivity game where you care for a procedurally growing plant in real time throughout the day. The plant’s needs align with a human’s needs, hence taking care of the plant also helps you practice self care!

Plant Growth

  • Since the plant is procedurally generated, the user will get to see a different plant grow each day.

Plant Care

  • There are 3 activities that the plant reminds the user to do: drink some water (every 55 min), look 20 ft away for 20 seconds to avoid eye strain (every 25 min), and get up and stretch (every 115 min).

Plant Log

  • A history of each plant grown is stored so that the user can feel a sense of progress with every new plant they grow and add to their plant collection. In addition, the plant gets a randomly generated name!


  • Currently, there are 3 options, a 25 minute study session, a 55 minute interval with two study 25 minute sessions and one 5 minute break, and lastly, a 115 minute interval with two 55 minute sessions and one 5 minute break. When the timer is up or it is time to take a break, the user receives a pop-up that indicates so. If the user decides to end the session prematurely, they can hit “stop”, and their total study time is displayed.


  • Each day, 3 new optional goals are listed. These are not mandatory and meant to be used as prompts for if the user needs some self-care inspiration.

How we built it

We used Processing and built all the UI, and interactions from scratch.

Challenges we ran into

  • Coming up with features that did not conflict in terms of functionality.
  • Reading and writing to the same file often resulted in the loss of data already stored in the file.
  • Completing our entire vision for this project on time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was our first hackathon! We are all so happy to have created something cool by putting our strengths together.

What we learned

Good teamwork can make projects go off without a hitch! Effective communication and planning are key to synergy and enabled us to see our project till the end.

What's next for Plant

  • Point system: there are no situations where the user can lose points for failing to do something. All tasks are optional, but there is certain behaviour that will generate more points (did not have enough time to implement this).
  • User customization for certain features; allowing the user to input their preferred study time and personal goals.
  • Sync the Plant Care timer with the Study Timer, so that it only interrupts the user when they are on break.
  • For people that enjoy widgets, a Rainmeter skin would be cool.
  • Random daily health factoids that would promote healthy living (and healthy plants!)
  • The ability to use points to unlock cosmetic upgrades such as different plant pots.

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