End-to-end Android application which uses to recognize species and diseases in the crop leaves by using a Convolutional Neural Network.

The user used to capture the image or select it from the gallery and the model will recognize the disease in the Devanagari language.

There are 2 Steps for Project Building

1: Building and creating a machine learning model. 2: Deploying the model to an Android application.

P.S. Android application that recognizes plant diseases in Devanagari Hindi language.

project Motivation :

Plant diseases pose a major threat to local and national economies largely dependent on agriculture, challenge food security through the reduction in crop yield, and also affect the general livelihood of farmers and practitioners in agriculture. Conventional opinions for identifying plant diseases such as visual inspection by humans have proved to be quite ineffective, therefore it is very imperative to develop improved techniques for plant disease identification and classification to prevent possible crop losses.

The disease it will classify is:- raspberry healthy soybean healthy squash powdery mildew strawberry leaf scorch strawberry healthy tomato bacterial spot tomato early blight tomato late blight tomato leaf mold tomato septoria leaf spot tomato spider mites two-spotted spider mite tomato target spot tomato tomato yellow leaf curl virus tomato tomato mosaic virus tomato healthy apple apple scab apple black rot apple cedar apple rust apple healthy blueberry healthy cherry including sour powdery mildew cherry including sour healthy corn maize Cercospora leaf spot gray leaf spot corn maize common rust corn maize northern leaf blight corn maize healthy grape black rot grape esca black measles grape leaf blight isariopsis leaf spot grape healthy orange huanglongbing citrus greening peach bacterial spot peach healthy pepper bell bacterial spot pepper bell healthy potato early blight potato late blight potato healthy

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