DeskGoose, a small Goose that follows your cursor on a desktop. This is a cute animated feature that promotes a type of self-care, mental break, allowing you to reenergize and relax before completing the rest of your tasks!

What it does

Plant care reminds you to take a breather, and to water those plants! With good music and good animations, the app reminds users to take a moment for self-care, and also for care of others! Plant care promotes social good by first emphasizing social wellbeing, which fosters more productivity and general wellness.

How we built it

On our two-person team, we divided work into the coding portion and the design portion of this application. The coding portion utilized GitHub to stage and commit changes to the same repository, allowing both teammembers to stay on top of changes to the HTML, CSS, and JS of our git project. The design portion involved creating digital media plant icons, choosing colors and music, and modifying the frontend of the app.

Challenges we ran into

One challenge we ran into was the learning curve of the setup and tools we were using. The teammate drawing the icons was not familiar with Procreate, so they had to learn the format features of the app in order to produce anything. Additionally, the teammate coding was not extremely familiar with the specific cross-functionalities between JS, HTML, and CSS, so we had to research the different abilities of these languages in order to make a practical, working app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that our plant icon change based on a working timer! This was a tough aspect to nail, and still requires formatting improvements, but the basic idea was turned into a proper functionality, which was a great moment of success for the team.

What we learned

From this experience, we learned the value in delegating work and maximizing time to get the most fundamental features of our web application to work! Instead of scrutinizing over minor details, we decided that the most important part was to get the basics down, and leave the rest for the future, where we aren't limited by a time constraint.

What's next for Plant Care

If we had more time, we would fine-tune features to not be hard-coded but to actually figure out how to send button responses to our JS function in order to produce a working outcome. Since our two teammates are students who met through FemmeHacks and coincidentally attend the same university, collaborating further to make this idea a fully-fledged project is a step that we may take in the future.

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