50% of team are first time hackers and first being in a hackathon.


Inspired by plant lovers who want to give their plants adequate water.

What it does

Keeps a directory of plants and water needs.

How we built it

Used dart and flutter as well as xcode, all of our first time with all of these. Also used adobe xd for the splash screen.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into challenges with understanding the code at the point where it got to actually saving the data that was being put into the forms, additional to data that had previously been entered, that way it would be a proper directory. We also originally wanted to do a reminder app but ran into problems loading the package to use for day of week picking and setting reminders.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are so proud that we have something to show, a button to click to add a plant, and text boxes to enter the information! This is more than any of us have ever done and we plan to finish this project and make sure we get it to where we imagined it! We are also proud of the splash screen, it came out great! We are also proud of just exploring new things while we were all working on this project, that is what it's all about!

What we learned

We now know that anything is possible, even if we had never even heard of the language before this hackathon. We learned that everything in flutter is made up of widgets, widgets, widgets! Widgets inside of widgets, widgets to describe widgets, etc. We also learned to take a little bit of more time in the project planning state, to get a better idea of the possibility of each thing happening.

What's next for Plant Buddy App

We will try to fully understand how to store information entered in textfields and also add on a backend, to properly create a working directory for plantBuddy. We also will implement the day of week selector and reminders in order to create a plant watering reminder app from what we have now. We also will change the graphics more to our liking once we are a little more comfortable with dart!

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