As students ourselves we decided to target secondary and higher education students. We choose to develop a productivity app that integrates a Calendar, To-Do list and a Timer.

During our ideation stage, Chris had observed that most students struggle with organisation, with many tabs and downloads at once without a clean desktop. Daniel mentioned connection issues, time differences and a struggle to keep daily routines. We identified that a better planner would be great to assist the need to stay organised, and aimed to create a better planner among the sea of badly designed planner apps.

What it does

Aim: For students to have better organisation, work-life balance and mental health. The web app prototype has a homepage with time, date, inspirational quotes, to-do list, weather and timer. The timer resets itself for each task student is doing.

How we built it

A combination of front-end web languages and back-end database management

Challenges we ran into

  • Learning new languages
  • Limited time
  • Even work amount between team members

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Sleek design
  • Everyone is willing to help one another
  • Working together

What we learned

Incorporating APIs, building and maintaining databases, making audience-appropriate designs and HTML lists, being open to feedback.

What's next for Planner App by Entropic Cryptographers

New friendships :)

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