We all love travelling and sometimes planning a trip is a lot of work. We want to create a simple way for people to discover places to go to, plan out their trip, and save the most money on their flight.

How it works

Begin by thinking about where you would like to go, somewhere you have't been before, would one of the destinations on the page interest you? Click on one. They are the top destinations from your city. You can change the city or type in the city you want to go to. Click around on the map, pick some of the popular places you'd like to go to, we'll figure out the timing for you. Somewhere you want to go first or stay longer? Just drag or move the places in your trip planner. Complete and you'll find the lowest fares for your trip.

Challenges I ran into

Many features we believe would benefit being in our service while keeping it simple and elegant such as cross collaboration, sharable trip itineraries, mapping out a route of your itinerary, and searchable destinations. They would add value without changing the concept of the simple Planned Serendipity but we just did not have enough time to develop them.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We really believe this is a product that we would and will be using ourselves in the near future and that's the best accomplishment we could think of.

What I learned

We learned to take the time to express our ideas, prototype the design, figure out all the steps we have to take and the time we need to allocate to accomplish our goals.

What's next for Planned Serendipity

We would add in the features we did not such as cross collaboration and mapping the route of your itinerary. We believe that this feature really speaks to us and our audience as most of the time we would like share the planning experience and the route will allow us to finalize that plan.

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