The story begins with the problems we face spending our free time with nothing to do despite living in such busy cities. So we developed a web application to find places to spend time.

What it does

Finds landmarks in a radius of a specified location

How we built it

Used various APIs including Google Maps API, Yahoo Weather API, Expert Reviews API, TFL API Languages include, HTML, Javascript, Python, CSS, Jquery

Challenges we ran into

Problems trying to scrape data from websites and trying to fix

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Managed to create a well designed (front page at least) product fit for its purpose.

What we learned

We are not good enough and there is a lot to learn about to become a software developer.

What's next for PlanMyDay

Add more cities, add ability to choose the radius (to travel) and locations to choose from, improve the UI and UX.

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