Our inspiration for the creation of PlanIt came from the different social circles we spend time in. It seemed like no matter the group of people, planning an event was always cumbersome and there were too many little factors that made it annoying.

What it does

PlanIt allows for quick and easy construction of events. It uses Facebook and Googleplus’ APIs in order to connect people. A host chooses a date and invites people; once invited, everyone can contribute with ideas for places, which in turn, creates a list of potential events that are set to a vote.

The host then looks at the results and chooses an overall main event. This main event becomes the spotlight for many features introduced by PlanIt. Some of the main features are quite simple in its idea: Let people know when you are on the way, thereby causing the app to track your location and instead of telling everyone your location, it lets everybody know how far away you are from the desired destination. Another feature is the carpool tab; people can volunteer to carpool and list their vehicle capacity, people can sort themselves as a sub­part of the driver. There are many more features that are in play.

How we built it

We used Microsoft Azure for cloud based server side development and Xamarin in order to have easy cross-­platform compatibility with C# as our main language.

Challenges we ran into

Some of the challenges that we ran into were based around back­end and server side issues. We spent 3 hours trying to fix one bug and even then it still seemed to be conflicted. All in all the front­end went by quite smoothly but the back­end took some work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were very close to quitting late into the night but we were able to take a break and rally around a new project model in order to finish as much of it as we could. Not quitting was probably the most notable accomplishment of the event.

What we learned

We used two new softwares for this app. Xaramin and Microsoft Azure. We also learned that its possible to have a semi working product with only one day of work.

What's next for PlanIt

We were hoping to fully complete PlanIt for use within our own group of friends. If it gets positive feedback then we could see ourselves releasing this app on the market.

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