Always having plans ruined because people end up forgetting and making other plans. Also, having worrying for your friends if they got home safe after a night out or not?

What it does

The app allows the users to make chat rooms to plan specific events. These events are then stored so the Twilio Text API can send automated reminders to the members of the chat before the event.

A major part is after the event, where the application calculates an ETA for each user to get home from the event venue. Each user gets an automated call which asks them if they are home safe? The user can then reply with a simple yes or no, which then leads to a status update on the chat room, indicating the safe arrival of user. Incase the user says , 'no'. then they receive another call after 10-15 mins asking for the same.

How I built it

It is mainly built using Node.js and Javascript with some Angular JS. The web application also has components running on PHP. And most importantly it uses the Twilio Chat and Voice API which is vital for the implementation of the idea.

Challenges I ran into

Building a Instant messaging system by also integrating Twilio chats was the biggest challenge due to some limitations in the API and the complexities in integrating them in the short period of time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learned to use the Twilio Voice API and managed to produce an application that generates automated calls for the users and then records their response.

What I learned

APIs are not always simple to use, especially with an idea with multiple components.

What's next for Planit

Complete the implementation of a working chat room to organise events directly from the chat.

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