Coursicle, which we felt was lacking certain features

What it does

You pick the courses you want to take without regard for logistics, and then Planit! figures out what schedules you could take using an extremely complex secret proprietary algorithm that is super smart and clever written by Daniel Rowe McCrystal and no one else just him (it's super fast and works all the time).

How we built it

Blood, sweat, and gatorade, and sometimes coding. (Django, python, html5)

Challenges we ran into

Cross language/system data transfers, and merge issues (!!!).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That it even kind of worked at all. We all came in with minimal knowledge of web development, and came out with a working website that does what we wanted it to.

What we learned

  • If a command doesn't work, try adding sudo to the beginning
  • Never have two people work on the same version controlled HTML file
  • Never leave Daniel alone with the HTML

What's next for Planit!

  • Finishing our planned features (wish list filters, better responsiveness, required courses)
  • Having it used by real W&M students

Built With

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