Seeing news of tragedies around the world especially in America and seeing how many people were left on the streets after was eye-opening. There are many people around the world that want to help those in need and there are many people that would greatly benefit from the help. We hope that this app, in the future, can help at least a few people on the streets get shelter.

What it does

Planic, which is a combination of the words planet and panic, is a free mobile app in which you can help those in need during any natural disaster or anything of the like with the click of a button. Often during natural disasters, public shelter spaces run scarce, with this app you can find shelters near you that have been posted by hosts. Hosts can list their homes as shelters, and you can find the nearest to you if you have been affected by disasters.

How I built it

The majority of the front-end coding was done using javascript and AdobeX for an interactive user interface, along with MIT's app inventor. We also implemented the use

Challenges I ran into

The wifi at the arena wasn't the best especially with so many devices connected to it that everything was glitchy and slow. Another challenge was trying to link multiple types of files into one apk file to build our app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We’re proud of getting the project done before we had to present it, and we’re proud of integrating google maps to make it more interactive.

What I learned

We learned how to manage our time faster, and we learned to focus on content too not just the style. Additionally, we learned how to implement API's into the code.

What's next for planic

We hope to improve this app in the future by adding background checks to hosts and those in need of shelters just to ensure security and also have them be able to create a profile to sign in.

Team Members: Shruthi Nelluri, Riya Anand, Eva Choudhury, & Zoe Akpan

Won: TechTogether Boston 2020

WINNER Mathworks - Best Software Design WINNER Best Disaster/Crisis Hack

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