We wanted to implement something that involved both space and mental health, while also ensuring it was interactive and fun. We found that it would be fun to correlate the different planets with a certain emotion, thus PlanetMood came to life.

What it does

Our website has images of the different planets which pertains to a certain mood. The user would go on the homepage and choose a planet that relates to their mood, and they can see what activity is on there to make them feel better. Each planet prompts the user to another page with ways to cope with that emotion, whether it be through videos, reminders, or tasks to accomplish.

How we built it

We used to collaborate on the website and used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In certain sections, we implemented a Spotify API and YouTube API to showcase playlists or videos.

Challenges we ran into

We faced quite a few challenges during this project. We first struggled with coming up with ideas that we could pursue with our limited programming knowledge. Another challenge was with implementing APIs as we were unfamiliar with the process and being able to display Google forms & sheets.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Since we did not have much knowledge of HTML/CSS prior to this project, we are proud of creating a website that accomplishes the desired goals within a short amount of time.

What we learned

We learned how to embed Google forms & sheets and implement APIs from Spotify, Pinterest, and Youtube. We also learned how to utilize HTML, CSS, and Javascript onto our webpage.

What's next for PlanetMood

In the future, we hope to make our website more user-interactive and do more research to further utilize a space theme.

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