This is the beginning of an ambituous project to recreate an old BBS Style game called Tradewars 2002. Where you have ships that go around the universe trading.

What it does

In this very early release version of Tradewars 2002, I have leverage on the use of Alexa conversation in a way that is scalable. The game starts with one advisor and a few ships but can easily grow to a few advisors. The advisors will be silos of Alexa Conversation delegates that is good at a specific item. The early trial game comes with a defense advisor that would recommend you a spaceship based on a few criteria.

How I built it

ASK SDK is used couple with Alexa Conversations technology.

Challenges I ran into

Alexa Conversation does not work in non en-US locales so have to have a few workarounds and hacks to make it work on the device.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Mastering Alexa Conversations! I am now quite confident in implementing it and leveraging it for any other skills that requires it.

What I learned

  • Sometimes the devil is in the detail
  • Alexa Conversation can be a very powerful and scalable tool

What's next for Planetary Commander Role Playing

As mentioned this is very early version. I will have lots of work to finish up to add more advisors, more ships and add multiplayer capability.

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