Pollution is a challenge that our world has been facing in the last decade. Communities are suffering from lots of problems that come from pollution including health issues and global warming. Air pollution not only affects peoples’ health, but also it affects the global economy. Our app shows you where this scenario is derived from and how we can stand up against it. Firstly, we implemented a game to show people how pollution affects the economy and our health. In the info section, we show people how pollution is growing in the function of spending money on removing trees and making a factory. In the end, we encourage people to make donations to organizations that are planting trees. This is the way that we can collaborate together to solve our problem and be part of the solution.

What it does

Firstly, the game in the app is a good representation of how removing a single tree affects our already unstable world economy. Removing a tree in the game and replacing it with a fossil fuel burning factory decreases money by $50700 and increases pollution by 3.4%. The game introduces a beneficial experience so people can better understand how pollution affects the world around us. Secondly, on the info page, we highlight the fact that burning fossil fuels can increase the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere by 3.4% in a single year in the graph. Lastly, we challenge the increased pollution of today with a solution of our own. We offer a chance for people to donate or volunteer for organizations that help our environment by planting trees, which is something we hope to inspire people to do after playing our game and recognizing the effects pollution can have on our environment. In this way, we are all coming together to promote clean, pollution-free air.

How we built it

We used eclipse to code the app in java and we used python to extract data and draw a graph that presents the relationship between pollution, money spent in removing trees and making a factory using the python coding language. We also used software: MedibangPaintPro and Gimp, to make the graphics for our game.

Challenges we ran into

We are located in different parts of the world and we ran into the challenge of communicating through different time zones.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Make an innovative idea that helps people to be part of the change. Donations will make a transition from a world where people are suffering economically and physically to a world where people who are gaining fresh and clean air, and no disappearance of their wealth.

What we learned

We learned how to extract data from a URL, how to draw images on the screen, and How to send people to a website when they click on a button.

What's next for Planetary

If we collaborate and start making donations to companies that are planting trees, our planet will be the best place to live in.

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