How we built it

The concept is Metaverse As A Service. In the Planet2nd, defi, gamefi Guildfi are combined. The are an NFT market and NFT claiming platform which enable players to trade or transfer their in-game NFT (pets, equipment, wearable or other assets) or withdraw the in-game earnings.

Planet 2nd is an UGC platform, which provides users with tools and 3D materials, on PC and mobile apps. Users can build 3D contents or mobile games without any programming knowledge.

We support Play over Earn. The Social Casino games improve the rates of returning players. Our testing version brought in 10 thousand Daily Active Users in 60 days without any token incentives.

NFTs in Planet2nd are rent-able, upgradable, combinable and programmable. In planet2nd, your cryptopunks, bored ape and cyberkongz NFT are playable characters. They can improve their game level through training and social casino games.

To keep creators engaged and earning money, we provide a tax sharing algorithm. Land-owners may build their kingdom by inviting citizens and get part of the royalty or tax from the marketplace transactions. It’s called Governing Income. For landowners, the more citizens they invited, the more tax income they may acquire. This tax sharing algorithm is based on the number of citizens, token staking amount and prosperity of the land development.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Planet2nd has the ability to run on relatively lower-end smart phones and PCs.
  2. Several social casino games released. See
  3. The openness of the platform, the tokenomic matrix.

What's next for Planet 2nd

  1. Expand the scalability of the servers.
  2. By developing node servers, we enable users to secure the proper functioning of the Game Engine. This pattern ensures that Planet2nd is a Distributed Open Metaverse not owned by a single company and Planet2nd will not be shut down due to any individual decision.
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