Today public artists and street artists are governed by the city's regulations. They lack space for creation, and the review process for approval is also tedious (6 months and more). In the digital space, digital art is often undervalued, and digital/NFT artists are seeking new ways to exhibit their artwork.

What it does

Our app provides a way that breaks the tether of city restrictions and empowers creators to create persistent and immersive AR public art in many cities with only a few taps and no code needed. We have seen artists share an alien spaceship above Time Square and shark characters being placed all over a park in London.

In addition, we built a feature called Air Message that allows users to live comment at any place, sharing tips, feelings, reviews, or events for others in AR. So people can get relevant info wherever they go, whether visiting a new city or building. If a user feelings one of the Air messages he saw is interesting, he can send emojis or reply to the creator to create a connection.

How we built it

Our app is built using Swift and Google ARCore geospatial API to manage location-based AR anchors for outdoor uses.

Challenges we ran into

We have encountered a lot of challenges, like the improve the accuracy of the anchor and making sure the app is not crashing by lots of models getting loaded at once when localized. Occlusion for far-away buildings is also difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. We launched in the App store
  2. There are artists who like our product and are even willing to pay to use it (FYI: We are free for creators)
  3. One art organization is interested in collaborating with us this year to create more AR public art and tell stories about the story behind existing murals in the city.

What we learned

Google geospatial and terrain anchors.

What's next for Planet XR

We will continue working on Planet XR. We have plans to use terrain anchors to help business to display their latest updates from Instagram in front of their stores/restaurants. And we have many ideas around intergrading AI and the latest google geospatial API that we didn't have a chance to build this time.

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