Our team, Planet X, found inspiration when discussing how traditional classrooms are not engaging. Planet X was designed to relieve teachers distracting, unengaged students. 

What it does

Planet X engages students by immersing students in a guided vr journey. 

The Teacher controls where the students are stationed, and can use a laser to point attention to planet features, such as the Great Dark Spot on Neptune. An engaged Student can raise their hand for questions and are free to look around and observe nearby planetary bodies. Those two privilages and the novel experience create an engaged learning environment for the class.

How we built it

As the team leader for Project X, I guided my team through the agile development process. During team formation, I recruited an experienced Unity developer, Isaiah Smith, and a system administrator, Casey Burklow. As an application developer, I utilized the agile development process to create a rewarding experience for my teammates. that made my teammates feel valuable and successful and made most of what each member brought to the table. I defined the project requirements, goals, and defined a development timeline. During the 48 hour hackathon, I provided support for my teammates and kept our Developer's morale high through difficult milestones. by utilizing their unique abilities. 
Mr. Burklow, a 

team, Casey Burklow and Isaiah Smith, coded many custom C# scripts to create realism and dynamic effects to our model. and and exported Ultra-HD textures using an open-source space game that is directed toward advanced users.

Challenges I ran into

a young student would be learning more about the game rather than our magnificent solar system.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Planet X

Built With

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