Space Brain

Alexa skill for kids and adults alike. Learn about our Solar System!

Educational app for teaching kids (and adults alike) about the planets, stars, and other objects that reside within our Galaxy.

Study for your exam in your free time using this free Alexa skill.

Target Audience: Grades 5-9, though even adults often have difficulty/learn from this!

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YOU: Alexa, ask Space Brain for a quiz. ALEXA: Ok. I will ask you 10 questions about our Solar System. Question 1. True or False. Neptune has 14 moons. YOU: True ALEXA: Correct! Here is your next question... ... ALEXA: You scored 7 out of 10, you passed! Well done. Ask for another quiz to keep learning!

Space Brain can also tell you separate facts about the planets that might help you with the quiz:

YOU: Alexa, ask Space Brain for a fact on Jupiter ALEXA: I know about Jupiter, here is a quick fact: The Great Red Spot is a huge storm on Jupiter. YOU: Alexa, ask Space Brain for a fact ALEXA: ...

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