By using the idea of this retro kid favorite game, not only are we raising awareness and educating the next generation, but also making our planet healthier!

What it does

Planet Panic is where a simple snake game helps to clean our earth. Collect all of the waste on screen according to the color of the snake, which represents each waste bin. Collecting the right waste increases points, whereas collecting the wrong one decreases.

How we built it

To start the process of helping clean the earth, the Trash-collect meter feature needs to be unlocked. Each item has a certain weight in pounds. When an item is put into the right bin, the weight of the item is added to the Trash-meter. When at least 2 pounds of item have been collected, the Trash-collect meter feature is unlocked! After this, each pound collected will generate into real-life garbage and waste picked up. This process is done by our team, where the total weight collected will turn into a quarterly-annual Planet-Panic Clean Event, where team members and volunteers will collect on-land garbage and waste in relation to the amount of total weight in the trash-collect meter.

Challenges we ran into

The most difficult part to implement was making different snake targets and making sure that the snake would gain points only if it collected the right one. This is because we had some difficulty getting the code to run.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making the website and game

What we learned

More about using python

What's next for Planet-Panic

Our clean-up events are currently located in different regions of British Columbia, Canada as of today. However, we are planning to expand nationally, and hopefully globally in the future! Email us at today!

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