Wanted to build something challenging and fun for the space theme! We first thought of a game like Asteroids but then we wanted to be a bit more original so we decided to change up the mechanics.

What it does

It's a survival game based on having limited and diminishing resources. Draining planets and will increase humanity's chances at survival, earning yourself points along the way.

How we built it

React.js was used to build the front-end and a Ruby on Rails API was built to add permanence to the high scores. We leveraged built-in javascript methods/browser functionality to aid us in creating a map or playing field.

Challenges we ran into

This being the team's first game built, many of our first challenges included figuring out how to create a game-like environment. Dealing with things like object collision, game timers, even just figuring out the movement of the ship was a tough challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As a team, we're really proud of the project overall. It definitely has a long way to go in terms of appearance, so for now, it's somewhat intentionally tacky. Our goal was to keep external library use to a minimum, so it was exciting to see the game come together while learning to roll game mechanics and hacking together a map of sorts.

We're really proud of the product we ended up with after only 48 hours and no game design experience!

What we learned

Game design is much, much, harder than it looks. It's very easy to introduce bugs with so many window methods and properties interacting with each other. There's still so much to learn! We realized that with only the browser and JavaScript, you can create anything you can imagine.

What's next for Planet Hack

We would like to incorporate better visuals and smoother user experience. Cleaning up certain game functionality like smoother status bars and ship movement. We would love for people to compete against one another.

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