It would make for a more interesting flight if you were able to be situationally aware en route. You might like to know when you are passing near a famous landmark, or over a border between countries, changing time zones, etc.. If an airline could make a local wi-fi network available to passengers on a flight, there could be a sense of a shared experience between them as the flight progressed if users knew where they were and what they were seeing out of a window.

What it does

By using an ArcGis map, with an Inmarsat flight data set, and using Pusher for updating position (and possibly chat with other passengers) the experience would be much more enjoyable and engaging.

How I built it

We took flight path data from Inmarsat (but the airline could make this available as read-only data on the flight) and consumed it via the ArcGIS map and displayed a plane making progress towards its objective using Pusher to keep it up to date along with messages drawing attention to places of interest and facts.

Challenges I ran into

Not knowing all of the features of the Esri map tool and how to best use them to display the flight trajectory in a realistic way.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We made it work (sort of) anyway.

What I learned

How to use the map api more effectively.

What's next for Plane Truth?

We think there is a market for this and that it will add value for both the airline and the passengers. The passenger could even use it to alert flight stewards that they want a refreshing beverage or an exciting new fragrance from duty free.

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