Air Traffic Control has always had a high barrier of to entry. There is no easy way for a layman to quickly get a rundown of the responsibilities of an air traffic controller. We hope to solve this problem by providing a clean and interactive experience that can be used to learn the basics of air traffic controlling.

What it does

We have a beautiful webpage that displays various useful information about air traffic controllers. Embedded in the website is a small simulation users can try to see what goes into managing traffic in and out of an airport.

How we built it

The simulation is built entirely with svg images and Javascript. The website is built using PHP, Javascript, HTML, and CSS.

Challenges we ran into

We are all very new to development with Javascript and using SVG images. Also, it took a lot of research to learn air traffic control well enough to provide a layman's explanation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The website we built is very clean and slick, and we managed to get SVG animations working relatively well. Given that we don't have much experience with these, we are quite proud with how everything turned out.

What we learned

Air traffic control is pretty hard. Also web development.

See our video demo at our website!

What's next for Plane Whisperer

We hope to improve the graphics on the SVG animation and also provide a more detailed explanation about air traffic control and the responsibilities involved.

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