Last year before planning for my winter break trip, I put in a lot of time and effort to plan my trip to Alberta. Things like where we can stay within my budget, restaurants we can eat and the thing we can do in an around the city. To consolidate all this information I took almost one week to finalize my itinerary. Which inspired me to build this website to streamline this process for other students in the same boat as myself.

What it does

Given several user-defined parameters, our site will query information about events, hotels, restaurants, and anything else a tourist might want information on before travelling.

How we built it

We used python and a number of APIs to gather information about events and locations for potential tourists. We then designed and built a frontend and hosted the website on a Django web server.

Challenges we ran into

Having little experience with Django, it was challenging for our group to get the website working. In addition, it was difficult to figure out which APIs to use, as some of them required premium subscriptions (radar API). Also, we did not have enough frontend experience to make a sophisticated user interface.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having little experience with Django and front end web technologies, it was empowering for our group to be able to create and host a fully-featured website.

What we learned

We gained a lot of valuable experience in web development and design, as well as in pitching a product. In addition, we learned all about APIs and how to manage data we get from them.

What's next for Plan4Me

We intend to expand the radius of our site, as right now we target only Canada. We also intend on adding more features to help the user narrow down their searches. We will also significantly update our user interface, as it is currently rather simple and bare bones.

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