Many students rely on cramming strategies such as highlighting, rewriting, and rereading their notes the night before an exam. These strategies are not very effective for long-term learning, as shown in Dunlonsky et al's psychology research paper, "Strengthening the Student Toolbox: Study Strategies to Boost Learning". These common studying strategies can lead to students misconceiving

What it does

This mobile app can take in student schedules, from the classes they take and their respective assignments/tests for each one, to the time blocks of students when they rest vs when they work well (partially implemented).

How we built it

Flutter for the front/back end, SQLite for database management.

Challenges we ran into

Learning Flutter, connecting to the database with it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of/ What we learned

Basics of Flutter frontend, integration of SQLite with Flutter mobile apps, development of algorithms regarding user scheduling.

What's next for Plan2Learn

Upcoming features may include:

  • More visual graphical user interface (GUI) for scheduling rest time blocks
  • Turns on do not disturb automatically during work blocks
  • Rework databases connection to improve querying
  • Exporting final study schedule to Google Calendar

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