How much longer do you need to stay in quarantine for to offset your travel?


  • UX, design, dev skills
  • Scoping help
  • Data visualization
  • People from Bulgaria, Latvia, Lituania, Romania, Czech, Slovakia, Germany, Hungary to validate with


We wanted to challenge ourselves to live more sustainably and measure our individual impact. We failed in several different ways but we are still in love with the problem. How could we decide how our everyday individual decisions impact the planet? It became very clear that it's extremely difficult to measure the real impact of our behaviour and make conscious decisions based on facts and data.

What we do

We're building a tool that measures the impact of The Global Hackathon community's personal decisions and how these impact the planet. We're taking data from the participants & create calculations. We want to give an idea of the impact of COVID on individual sustainability on a dashboard/visualization. We are also helping with suggestion options on how to offset your extra footprint.

What's next for

Build a short loop of interaction that works.

Area: Commute footprint

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Startup live Pannonia winner We are part of a cooperation of 8 NGOs in 8 Countries:

Challenges I ran into

It's super difficult to make truly impactful decisions. Is going to the farmer's market by car good or bad? How much better would it be with a light electric vehicle? How could Peacebuilding (SDG 16), Innovation (SDG 9), Growth (SDG 8), Partnerships (17) and Quality education (SDG 4) be solved without flights?


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