We all think about energy and the environment these days. The inspiration is to apply IoT and Predix to an area that supports both consumers and businesses. Drivers and charging station owners along with the energy infrastructure. How can we make them all more efficient and remove barriers to electric vehicle adoption.

What it does

Essentially built a digital twin of a vehicle, charging station, and the vehicle's environment. We use a combination of historical and real-time data using Predix and GE Current APIs along with our own data.

Using the above, we help the user to efficiently plan a trip (across town or across the country) to ensure they never run out of energy and match available charging stations with demand from consumers. This helps match supply and demand and also enables changing station owners to manage their supply from local sources or the grid. Increasingly changing stations for electric vehicles will be supplied by renewable sources.

How I built it

Built as a microservices based architecture application using below technology Predix Machine , Time Series & Rabbit MQ for Machine Data Current APIs and Digital Twin models for analytics Analytics Framework for Analytics deployment Custom Spring Boot microservices

Challenges I ran into

Configuring of Predix machine due to network issues

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Quick Turn around time to create an app Creation of an application which can be built on and published with more features

What I learned

City IQ Apis

What's next for plan&plug

Build more features into the application Train analytical model Integration with Digital Twins of Electric Vehcile

Built With

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